Credit despite debts – everyday loan solutions | Debt consolidation

Debt is an unpleasant side-effect that is affecting more and more consumers. Credit despite debts is not a regrettable individual case, but often everyday. New debts always occur when more money is spent than is actually available. In many cases, this is due to our consumption behavior. Despite debt credit – brief information Existing debts […]

The NNB is introducing a new instrument for the benefit of consumer-friendly home loan applicants

According to the central bank’s announcement, from January 2018, new methods will help to boost long-term loans and reduce long-term yields. The NNB is also involved in the mortgage bond market, offering new interest rate swaps.   Here are the details of the program   The NNB started its market mortgage bond purchases in mid-January […]

Safe consumer friendly home loans are the best

Borrowers looking for low-interest, secure home loans can now be offered a wide range of consumer-friendly loans with low interest rates and fixed long-term installments! Today’s loans are only numerically similar to loans received during the peak period of 2008, because today Hungarian households also make sure that the repayment installments do not rise dangerously. […]